Top 10 monitor brand shipments increased by 15.2% MoM in Mar10

According to WitsView’s top 10 monitor brand survey, total monitor shipments increased by 15.2% MoM to11.51 million units in March 2010. The main reason for the shipment growth, apart from shipments that were deferred till March due to Chinese New Year holiday, was that March is the fiscal closing month of the first quarter, therefore, with the goal of achieving their shipment targets in 1Q10, major brand vendors’ shipments increased substantially. Furthermore, the commercial market and government tender project market have gradually recovered, benefitting brand vendors such as Dell, HP, and Lenovo. The demand recovery also spurred the growth momentum of March shipments. Outlook for 2Q10 – amid fierce competition in street price, second-tier brand vendors bore the brunt of the impact, and market share of top-six brand vendors gradually increased. As a result, it led to the drastic different in demand among brand vendors.

In terms of brand vendors’ respective performances, except for Acer, whose shipments fell by 2.3% due to its main objective of clearing inventory on hand, shipments of all other brand vendors increased. Notably, as March is the closing month of Lenovo’s fiscal year, its shipments surged by 91% to a total of 11 million units in its fiscal year, the highest shipment growth this month. Extending this growth momentum, the company revised up its 2010 shipment target to 13 million units. In addition, Dell and HP, which mainly focus on the commercial market, also benefitted from the increase in demand from tender projects; the two brand vendors’ shipments were outstanding, growing by 29.1% and 2.3% respectively.

Worldwide top 10 brand shipment by unit in March 2010

Shipment Unit: K pcs

Source: WitsView, 2010/4


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