Display Driver IC Supply Chain & Market Status
This report contains 2 major sections: industry’s“dynamic issues”and “trends of costs & prices”. In the section of “industry’s dynamic issues”, it analyzes 2 or 3 key topics of driver IC and related supply chain. In “trends of cost and price̶...   Read More
Global MNT/AIO Market Outlook
For LCD monitor/AIO shipment, it turned upwards growth ahead of time in 2018. Its shipment rose 07% YoY.   The 4 main reasons that LCD monitor shipment increased in 2018 were below. Panel prices reached low to mid range. The demand in North America has been strong. Demand o...   Read More
Up 5.6% QoQ for 2Q18 Panel Shipment
From 2Q18, PC panel demand rose because product specifications were upgraded, it was the time for Back to School shopping and for stocking-up wave of new model.   For TV panel demand, because panel makers offered special deal prices, demand of TV panel could not help but ris...   Read More