Worldwide top ten SIs increased by 30% MoM in March

According to WitsView’s global LCD monitor SI shipment survey, shipments of top ten SIs reached 13.83 million units in March 2010, a 30% MoM increase compared to that of February, which had fewer working days. As supply of upstream assembly components gradually stabilized, production is relatively smooth. Moreover, as March is the last month 1Q10, with inventory clearing as a main strategy, SI shipments grew significantly. In addition, although panel prices are expected to reach a turning point in April, there have been no signs of order reductions. Hence, we maintain a cautiously optimistic view toward demand in April, and expect a 7.7% MoM growth.

As for the dynamics of individual SIs in March 2010: stimulated by inventory clearing at the end of the first quarter, most SIs posted double-digit MoM growth. However, Greatwall’s shipments were impacted by aggressive price competition in China, and its shipments were lower than expected, growing slightly by 1.5% in March only. On the other hand, two manufacturers posted MoM decline – Tatung is currently undergoing the conversion from older to newer models, therefore, its shipments were impacted, falling by 14.1% MoM; Tatung’s shipments are expected to stabilize as early as May. As for Jean, after its OEM business was acquired by BOE, it currently engages in the internal transfer of its OEM business. Although the official transfer is slated to take effect on June 1, 2010, the completion of the transfer depends on the progress of both companies. As a result, Jean’s SI shipments are relatively unstable in the short-term; its March shipments decreased by 21.2% MoM.


Worldwide top 10 SI shipment by unit in Mar 2010

Shipment Unit: K pcs

Source: WitsView, 2010/4

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