• General FAQ

    • 1. What kind of services does WitsView provide?
      The service WitsView provides is named "WitsView Market Intelligence Service". WitsView Intelligence Service provides the bottom-up market research to technology companies and investment community in the form of tables, graphs, and reports. Our solid research products and reliable services highlight the industry development, cost analysis, market trend, business performance and market sufficiency. WitsView's industry forecasts and market viewpoints are derived from our comprehensive study, which examines each segment of the food chain in the display industry. For detail information, please refer to “Product & Service”.
    • 2. How can I benefit from WitsView's service?
      WitsView aims to help our clients understand the display industry and identify the market trend. With our support, your strategic decisions and marketing measures can be more effective and successful. Furthermore, our in-depth research and market insights can help you make informed marketing decision and response to the market uncertainty on a promptly basis.
    • 3. How to become a WitsView's Intelligence Member?
      Please fill out the Online Request Form and allow 1-2 working days; our sales representatives will contact you shortly. With the guide and directions from our sales representatives, you would receive deeper introduction toward our reports and service and an official quotation. Afterwards, since you the purchase process, you would become a member of WitsView Intelligence.
    • 4. How much does it cost to subscribe to WitsView's Intelligence Service?
      With different needs from clients, the service fee differs. Please fill out the Online Request Form and let us know your interested fields. Allow 1-2 working days and our sales representatives will contact you shortly.
    • 5. Is it necessary to purchase a membership? Can I purchase only one single report?
      No matter you purchase a membership or only one single report, we take every our clients as our members.
    • 6. How should I pay for the membership fee?
      Currently, we accept either wire transfer or credit card payment for membership payment. For wire transfer, after you complete the online registration form, our sales representatives will process your application and send you the performance invoice with the payment method and account information. Once the payment is duly received, we will confirm your payment within one business day and issue you the invoice. As for credit card payment, once you’ve completed online transaction successfully, it will take one business day to confirm your credit card payment and then issue you the ID and invoice soon.
    • 7. Can I pay in currency other than USD?
      Yes, except for USD, we also accept payment in NTD and RMB at this moment.
    • 8. Can I quote the information provided by WitsView in my report or any publication?
      Please note all of the products, including but not limited to the panel price, street price, newsletter and research, are the property of WitsView, which holds the exclusive title and ownership of the copyrights and intellectual property rights of its content. When using any product released by WitsView, you must provide the following attribution, "Source: WitsView Technology Corporation."
    • 9. If I have any questions about the data content, whom should I contact?
      Please write us at service@witsview.com, and tell us your questions and how we may be of service to you. Your question will be immediately taken care of.
    • Technical Support FAQ

    • 1. I've lost my password. How do I retrieve my password?
      WitsView Technology Corporation does not and have never released user's password over the Internet nor transmit it via email. Therefore, members who lost their password must execute the Forgot Password function. Enter the email address that you provided during the registration, reset your password and a confirmation email will be sent to you shortly for activation. Please note, unless the new password is activated, it will still be considered invalid by the system.
    • 2. Why can't I login with my password?
      ● If you have recently reset your password through Forgot Password: You probably have not yet activated your new password, following the instruction on the confirmation email we send you after your request. Please note, your old password still remains valid unless you successfully execute the password activation function as stated in the confirmation email.
      ● If this is your first time login as a registered member: You probably have not yet activated your account at the end of your registration. Please note, failure to activate your account is deemed to be an incomplete registration. To have your account activated, please check your mailbox for the confirmation email we sent after the registration. If you cannot find the confirmation email, please contact us.
    • 3. Is the password case-sensitive?
      Yes, it is case-sensitive.
    • 4. Can I change my login ID/ Password or other account information?
      You can change your login ID and password under "My Profile" after you login. However, once you change your email address or password, you will have to login with the new email address or password during your next visit.
    • 5. Why can't I login after the registration?
      The most comment reason for an unsuccessful login with a valid login ID and the correct password is due to the incomplete application procedure. After submitting your online registration form, members MUST confirm and activate their account. To do so, please refer to the instruction stated on the confirmation email, which had been sent to you after your registration. Please note, failure to activate one's account is deemed to be an incomplete registration. If you cannot find your confirmation email, please contact us.
    • 6. Why didn't I receive your confirmation email?
      Below are the reasons that might constitute to the above problem: You might provide the wrong or a non-public listed email address. If so, please re-register. In some special cases, your system administrator may block all the incoming email from our mail server. If so, please contact your administrator for problem solving.
    • 7. Why can't I access some of the information provided on your website?
      Some of our services are available to our Intelligence Members only. As a free registered member, you are granted to receive our regular newsletter and have a limited access to our website. To view the detail of our Intelligence Service and how it can benefit your business, please refer to our Intelligence Service Scope.

    • If FAQ cannot solve your problems, please contact us at service@witsview.com .
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