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Display Driver IC Supply Chain & Market Status
This report contains 2 major sections: industry’s“dynamic issues”and “trends of costs & prices”. In the section of “industry’s dynamic issues”, it analyzes 2 or 3 key topics of driver IC and related supply chain. In “trends of cost and price̶...   Read More
Quarterly Smartphone Panel Shipment Tracker
Quarterly Smartphone Panel Shipment keeps track on global major panel makers’ shipment scale and movement on smartphone panels. This report specially provides analysis on ranges of delivered panel sizes, take close control on the movement of smartphone sizes development. ...   Read More
Quarterly Long-term Shipment Forecast
As the mid-to-long term development remains an uncertain perspective of the market intelligence analysis, the WitsView research team focuses on the five major applications, TV, monitor, NB, tablet, and smartphone, and projects the demand trend for the next five years while taking...   Read More
Quarterly Smartphone Market Status Update
Quarterly Smartphone Market Status Update tracks on global smartphones market trend. Through the discussion of market scale, trend of panel spec, cost and price changes as well as the movement of capacity and utilization of smartphones, WitsView keeps its clients up to date to th...   Read More
Quarterly LTPS Capacity Status Report
In the LTPS capacity report, through collecting and analyzing the industry’s intelligence, the analyst depicts current worldwide LTPS capacity status and future possible capacity expansion & plans. The analyst not only traces capacity input’s variation, but he als...   Read More
Monthly Smartphone Panel Price Book
This report will show surveys of the mainstream smartphone panel sizes’ quote prices, which will be categorized by including different resolutions, specifications, modules or product formations such as cell or glass. Prices will be also presented by their high-, low- and av...   Read More
Quarterly Smartphone Market Decode
To provide members with a more comprehensive view of the smartphone market, TrendForce has launched a new smartphone report covering the entire smartphone industry’s development. The report is a joint effort by many of the company’s key research divisions, including DRAMeXchange,...   Read More
New Display Technology Cost Analysis
This quarterly report covers the cost analysis of New Technology Display(Mini LED/OLED). It tracks and analyze the new technology cost breakdown by backlit unit, material cost, variable cost, cash cost of several mainstream sizes on TV, Monitor, Notebook and Smartphone. Meanwhile...   Read More
Monthly Panel Price Book (5th,20th/M) & Market Status
Panel price book provides monthly market price changes of LCD TV panel, LCD monitor panel and notebook panel, classified by sizes, and related specifications. The survey ranges upstream, midstream, and downstream players of the panel industry, in order to stay close to the market...   Read More
Quarterly Panel Industry Market Update
WitsView research team provides the quarterly large-sized panel market updates, which is consisted of the synthetic analysis of industry developments. In addition to profound studies on panel demands by applications and sizes, panel makers’ development strategies, and panel...   Read More