Quarterly Smartphone Market Decode

To provide members with a more comprehensive view of the smartphone market, TrendForce has launched a new smartphone report covering the entire smartphone industry’s development. The report is a joint effort by many of the company’s key research divisions, including DRAMeXchange, Witsview, LEDinside, and Topology. Its aim is to help members gain a better understanding of the ongoing trends in the smartphone industry. At the same time, it can also be used to help clients make better business decisions and risk management policies. In addition to providing key statistical data and figures from the smartphone industry, the report also offers insights on the statuses and outlooks of major smartphone components, including memory chips, panels, processors, ICs, biometric recognition systems, cameras, and facial identification technologies.

  • Device categories: Smartphone
  • Report format > Excel(Smartphone Production Update) + PDF(Market Status)
  • Update frequency > quarterly( End of Feb, May, Aug and Nov.)
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