Sharp Announces Closure of Sakai Gen 10 Line, Supply Cut of 5 Million TV Panels Expected in 2025, Says TrendForce

Sharp officially announced today the impending cessation of production at its Sakai Gen 10 facility in Japan, scheduled for the third quarter of 2024. TrendForce reports that while the immediate impact on this year’s supply will be minimal, the closure will significantly affect the TV panel market in 2025. The facility, dedicated entirely to LCD TV panel production, is expected to reduce the total available market supply by nearly 5 million units next year, representing 2% of the global supply.


The Sakai facility specializes in less common panel sizes—42, 60, and 70 inches—and its closure is expected to prompt a realignment in panel sizes across the industry. Sharp, being the sole supplier of 42-inch TV panels, is likely to see future demand shift toward similarly priced 40-inch or 43-inch products. The demand for 60-inch and 70-inch panels, traditionally driven by festive season promotions, has been declining as customers reduce their offerings in these sizes. For 60 inches, a shift toward 58 inches or the more abundantly supplied 65 inches is anticipated. In the 70-inch market, CHOT, already a substantial supplier in this size, is expected to benefit from the shift in orders following Sharp’s production halt.


The closure of the Sakai Gen 10 line will not only bring changes in market supply volumes and panel sizes but also impact the supply chain. TrendForce notes that the line’s client base this year has been dominated by two Korean brands and MTC, and the shutdown will force these clients to revise and redistribute their panel procurement plans. For example, Samsung Electronics had intended to lessen its dependence on Chinese panel makers, but the closure is expected to lead to increased purchases from Chinese suppliers in 2025.


Additionally, TrendForce highlights the potential implications of the future trajectory of LG Display’s Guangzhou factory. Its direction could instigate further industry reshuffling, significantly reshaping the supply and demand dynamics of the TV panel market from the second half of 2024 through 2025.


With the background in statistics and social psychology, Jeanette Chan possesses ability to analyze macroeconomics and social structure. She currently focuses on financial result of panel makers and electronics market updates. Based on the statistics data, she also provides detailed market summary from various perspectives.

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