Top 10 monitor Brand vendors’ shipments kept flat MoM in Nov.

      According to the survey of global top 10 LCD monitor brands’ shipments, top 10 brands’ shipments in November 2012 amounted to 11.18 million units, on par with those in October and declining 2.9% from the same period of last year. In November, brands’ shipments showed both increases and declines, although the shipment in the month was supported by the positive factors of recovering procurement in China and LCD monitor leading brands’ shipment sprint in November, the shipment declined and overall shipment growth momentum was offset as some brands’ basis period was heightened in the previous month on shipment peak or stronger shipment at quarter-end.     

      Looking ahead to brands’ shipments in Q1’13, WitsView estimates that the quarterly shipment will drop 4%-6% due to traditional slow season, no signs of recovering macro economy, and continuously shrinking PC market.

      For the individual makers’ movements in November 2012, Samsung pushed the year-end promotion and boosted shipment, lifting shipment by 30.1% significantly. ASUS and AOC/Philips were helped by the recovering procurement momentum in China, seeing shipments to grow 7.1% and 6.7%, respectively. Contrarily, Dell’s procurement weakened on the beginning of the quarter, seeing the shipment to drop largely by 26.3%. Although Lenovo’s November shipment was great but trimmed 16.3% MoM because of higher basis period in the previous month.  

 Worldwide top 10 brand shipment by unit in Nov. 2012

Shipment Unit: K pcs

Source: WitsView, 2012/12