Decreasing Panel Supply Leads the Monitor Prices to Rise


A global economic uptrend is expected due to temporarily alleviated Greek debt crisis and favorable policies in response to 2012 election year in several countries; meanwhile, the Federal Reserves conservative attitude toward QE3 reflects the US governments confidence in economic recovery. On the other hand, despite China Governments earlier warning sign for declining GDP growth rate, the new leader of China will be responsible to alleviate the economic growth slowdown with domestic demand expansion.

However, U.S. employment rate announced on last Friday (4/6) was significantly lower-than-expected and hit a record low in five months, explaining a rising concern for America regarding 2Q12’s weaker economic growth momentum due to the economic downturn in Europe and China’s economic hard-landing. The increasing crude oil price has deteriorated the global inflation problem; for instance, China’s CPI in March grew by 3.6%, up from February’s 3.2%, and higher than the market expectations of 3.4%.

A weak Spain auction on last Thursday (4/5) has raised debt concerns. The governments of