Panel sufficiency stays stable in March while notebooks are facing slight price adjustment

China GDP growth for 2012 was revised downward to 7.5% on 3/5, which will be its lowest growth rate in eight years, while the average figure were 11% in last ten years. The Chinese government has targeted a stable economic growth as the top task among the nine for 2012, decided at the 11th National People’s Congress, among which the “domestic demand expansion” matters most with the support of seven main measures including increasing income and encouraging consumption, which are set to avoid the economic hard landing in 2012. China’s economic slowdown is mainly due to the economic slump in Europe as China relies heavily on its export business.

The Greek debt reprofiling is the key to secure a 2nd bailout. The Greek government indicates that there have been 85.8% of the debt owners who agree to participate in the debt reduced agreement. Euro zone’s remaining recessed economic data and economic slowdown of Spain and Italy are projected to restrain the economic performance of German, France, and part of the North European countries.

2012 is the presidential election year in many countries. The US government should endeavor to improve domestic economic health in response to the year-end presidential election to win people’s support. Based on a recent economic data