In March, customers’ procurement momentum returned to a normal level, and monitor SI BOEVT’s shipment considerably grew by 64.8% MoM

According to WitsView’s global monitor SI shipment report, the top 9 SI shipment remarkably rose by 38.3% MoM, coming to 10.6 million units for 2 reasons. First, the number of working days returned to a normal level. Next, some brands boosted shipment at the end of a quarter. In particular, BOEVT’s shipment rose by 64.8% MoM. BOEVT was the SI whose monthly shipment growth was the largest among the top 9 monitor SI for 2 causes. First, its customers’ procurement momentum returned to a normal level. Second, some projects’ orders are being fulfilled.



Source : 12.Monthly Monitor System Integrator Shipment

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